Built19 Hollow 762 HE

Krarthjar is a vast complex in the Atlaknar highlands. On the surface, its fortifications and buildings span a mountainous and hilly range covering twelve square miles. Some claim it to be the largest fortress in all of Brucrumus; those that dispute this claim, take a more technical view on such things, saying it is not one fortress but numerous ones all linked together.

Work on the first castle, now an under-fortress, began in the Titan Era. In 760 HE, banished for consorting with their blood-enemies, the exiled King Asmorgerd, and his followers went south. Nearly 10,000 left the fiery wastes of Borngring, along the coasts of the Core Sea, then into the Grashakh Region. After a journey of a thousand miles, they found a new home. The king proclaimed in fervor, unusual for him, "Tomorrow we build our new home."

Krarthjar - Inirthak

King Asmorgerd Tolfreid ruled Hofthorm from 745 HE to 760 HE. He was exiled from this empire after it was learned he had Glangveif concubines. He and his followers, nearly 10,000, fled south out of Cinazan, settling in the volcanic vales of Atlaknar.

- Ermikel the Balance, from the Species Codices - "Noble Bloodlines of the Titan Empires"

Work on Krarthjar began on 19 Hollow 762 HE. Since that day, three millennia ago, many kings and warlords have ruled here. Some added to the strength of the place, others to the beautification of it; even in times when it seemed like nobody was in charge, those living here were doing their own improvements. In a few years, a simple shack becomes a manor. The owner putting a lot of wealth into building it and when that runs out, continuing the work by whip or any others means to get the construction phase completed. This desire to add their own something to the ever-growing fortress is the product of an ancient artifact said to be still inside the place - a glimpse of Thyrms Blueprints, is all that is needed to send one on a building spree that may only take a few days, or maybe a lifetime.

During the reign of the Tolfreids, Krarthjar was in constant conflict with the people of Izanargam and later Gimhak. In the later reigns, they came into conflict with the elves settling in the Nárfaltuin forest. These conflicts were usually the result of Krarthjar being an open buyer of slaves, or actively participating in labor roundups as they called them. Krarthjar's diplomats often proclaiming to their counterparts - "we are debt ridden and broke, yet there is still much to be done in Krarthjar, its for the good of the people, the good of Krarthjar, and what is good for her has always been good for the people around it." There is some truth in this, because during Krarthjar's building sprees, economies for hundreds of miles around, benefit dramatically.

With the death of the last Tolfreid, 20th in the line, Krarthjar fell into disorder. Since then leaders have come and gone, each adding to the place, then losing control of it. For the last two centuries, the place has been broken up into areas of control with four main groups and many smaller ones. The ancestors of the fire giants that set the first blocks, still control a sizable area.

Another group of this place are the Mîmêk. Most are escaped criminals, or those banned from the tunnels of Bara Bogi.

A vast host of humanoids called The Moles live in the hills just north of this place. These tunnel-making goblins spend most of their time beneath the surface. With seemingly countless tunnels in the hills, dozens are said lead into Krarthjar's underground labyrinth. The central surface area, the former palace area of the Tolfreid kings, is controlled by rebel Bloodbeards. This group is comprised of dwarven clans that abandoned Umahanbad for political reasons. In all, the population of Krarthjar and areas directly beneath, is estimated to be 50,000 souls.

In the time of the Arduous March (1041 - 1096), around the time that Othragmac was founded, there were eerie tales floating about that the mountains north of the Nárfaltuin forest were cursed. Some spoke of Krarthjar as a place accidentally built atop a sleeping primordial, or that an ancient demon left behind from the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) lurked in the area, tormenting mortals with endless toil. These tales along with reports of Krarthjar's extensive fortifications, were enough to convince the Ageless Emperor, leader of the Orchish Empire, to decree that "Atlaknar was off limits, never to be settled."

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