Tinvaakin Kurtulmak

CategoryMage Guilds
RegionAerie of Dragons
HeadquartersDu'ul Hiim
Alignmentlawful evil
Symbolburning flags
Established10 Saunas 175 HE

In the last years of the much revered dragon Artang-Sund, the kobolds learned dragon magic from their "false" god. The more crafty kobolds, particularly the sorcerers, more often than not paid lip-service to Artang-Sund just to further their own ends. In his senile years, Artang-Sund was convinced by members of Tinvaakin Kurtulmak ("Speakers of Kurtulmak") to teach them his dragon magic and be remembered for more than just a great ruler but also a great teacher. One of the most powerful spells they learned from Artang-Sund is ritual magic with the potential to awaken dragons on cue, thereby initiating a Dragon Wake.

In the waning years of Mir'piamauza and Zeymah'kein, powerful sorcerers of Du'ul Hiim got together, envoking a powerful dragon ritual. This resulted in the Third Dragon Wake (1575 HE - 1576 HE). This dragon scourge sped the downfall of both empires, and caused extensive property damage and heavy casualties in the lands of the Ashmerthoon. When the Third Dragon Wake ended, the Tinvaakin Kurtulmak secured the dragon ritual tome in a Living Vault requiring 22 separate keys to open. This vault hasn't been opened since the Third Dragon Wake.

Most of Tinvaakin Kurtulmak's guild members practice dragon sorcery. They know many unique spells. Some are limited to dragons or those of dragon blood. Tinvaakin Kurtulmak, like many of Ashmerthoon, are no friend to the dragons or the dragon-bloods. This is because of their long history of suffering under the boot of Artang-Sund. As a result, spells that would normally be limited to dragons or those with dragon blood, are modified to be used with sacrificial dragon blood instead. Once these elixirs are blessed by the high priests of Kurtulmak, they become vessels for casting dragon magic.