RegionLands of Purity
Built19 Kindle 2856 LE

In 2856 LE, a large group of storm giants left the Clouds of the Dead God and settled on the island Ronossilya. On this island of the Galathien sea, they founded the settlement of Svirrurm.

Svirrurm was built by storm titans and storm giants. It is stunningly majestic place, sited around the ring of the dead volcano Thuregrid. The massive towers of the place serve as watch platforms and aeries for rocs. Svirrurm is also home to giant eagles, gold dragons, silver dragons and other avians.

The giants of Svirrurm have long been viewed as a good natured, yet distant people. The most renown storm titan that has come down from Svirrurm and aided the people of the Lands of Purity was Dranfulmus.

The giants of Svirrurm have been around a long time, so their knowledge of the realm is extensive. Many times over the last two epochs, researchers from places like Nuciregmas, have conferred with the elder historians of Svirrurm, or researched the giant tomes, and updated the accuracy of their own historical records.

During the Horgon Era, the Svirrurm warred for nearly a century with the evil storm giant family of Sulukhan. This conflict between rival storm giant families became known as the Sulukhan-Svirrurm Feud. The reason for the feud was Svirrurm's opposition to the evil and brutal nature of the Sulukhan. In the Year 730 HE, the Sulukhan family were wiped out at Guthnimor.

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