CategoryHigher Powers
SystemGray Waste
Alignmentneutral evil
Born17 Bloom 8644 DE
Died11 Hollow 133 HE

Ink'ar was one of the first nine mortals of the Shou race. He remained alive longer than his normal lifespan thanks to magical elixirs. These were provided to him by his creator and lover Zhusalax. These two parted ways in the God Era over Zhusalax's amorous relations with other mortals and celestials she needed favors from.

In the Demon Spawn War, Ink'ar served on the command staff of Asmdoeus, and later as part of the general staff of the Quara'tun Covenant.

Ink'ar was a pitiless demigod who pitted his worshipers, mainly githyanki and githzerai on Ghífthauk, against each other. This was done entirely to hone his skills in diplomacy and strategy. His manipulations are thought to have been the reason he was passed over in the Demon Spawn War, with Asmdoeus selecting Geryon as his second-in-command. Ever since then, Ink'ar worked to prove himself a great strategist and tactician; many thousands dying to hone his skills.

Incar's last great game of chess happened on the world Ghífthauk. In the Impar'lex War, a century-long war between the githyanki and githzerai, his priests lost all contact with him. A year later, the githyanki and githzerai were attacked by a massive invasion force from the nearby moon Ráglauth. The illithids of the Suellk empire made quick work of peoples still suffering the effects of their last war. Decades later, githzerai servants came upon illithid documents in Qualith. These were taken to escaped slaves which had turned into a rebel force. This group spent decades more translating it, eventually learning that the illithid god Ilsensine was one who killed Incar.