Night Vigil

AliasDrazh Dok
HeadquartersFalcon Aerie
DeitiesHades, Melora
Symbolfalcon with spread spread
EnemiesBlood Cults of Kezgihr
FounderKhazin Narak
Established27 Dreamer 943 HE

Drazh Dok, or Night Vigil, is an order dedicated to combating slavery, tyranny, and evil. The order was founded shortly after the First Merioss Crusade. The dwarves of Smizerak established Drazh Dok as a light mobile infantry with the task of monitoring the evil ruin Drachlaz.

Over the centuries, the group evolved into a force of priests, druids, rangers, warriors, and any other trained individual following the order's modus operandi. The order grew to be particularly proficient in camouflage, stealth, and battling undead. The one type of undead they detest above all are vampires. Most of the vampires they face come from Drachlaz - a breeding pit for their foul kind since the time of Varelay.

In the Serpent Reckoning (1475 - 1478), the group uneasily allied with the yuan-ti to battle the undead king Jairall Bloodtusk. After this conflict, the two allies returned to their intermittent fighting, and the Night Vigil, not party to the treaty, continued to battle the forces of King Bloodtusk.

The yuan-ti are slavers, an alliance with them will be only be temporary. When the greater threat posed by the lackeys of Thasmudyan are defeated, we will return to hostilities, we known this and the yuan-ti know this.

- Hatar Tûkil, Second Feather of Night Vigil, from his book the History of Drazh Dok - "Mutual Interest"

When Smizerak began to suffer from civil wars and the dwarves became twisted from exposure to demoniac influences, the order moved its headquarters from Gulud-Burâg to Mughakh-Gol. In this marvel of the Dawn Era, they re-built one of the ancient primordial fortresses and named it Falcon Aerie.

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