Typegoblin sub-race
Creation19 Brighstar 632 LE
NativeBal-Kriav, Kriav

Hobgoblins are a product of the Gob'biyet Empire. Always at war, this evil empire will do anything to win. When the goblin warlord Maglubiyet became a god in 621 LE, he was quick to violate the Mandate of the Heavens, interfering in mortal affairs. He gave forbidden relics to a Gob'biyet research station on Kriav. In this grim fortress, one serving as a training center for Maglubiyet's proselytizers, spreading his religion to the mortal masses, were created the first hobgoblins. They were like goblins, yet bigger and stronger. They were designed for war, trained for it, with no other purpose than serving Gob'biyet until death. Some became crusaders of Maglubiyet's ideals, his Warriors of Darkness.

In the Horgon Era, nearly half a million hobgoblins left Kriav. A serious threat to Kriav's two great elven empires, Gwildath and Marchenir, they were sent to another world. Usually at odds with one another, these two empires were in agreement on one thing, the hobgoblin population needed to be controlled. In the lands of the Gwildath, they encouraged the hobgoblins, sometimes at the end of a blade, to make the crossing to a land better suited for them.

The hobgoblin migration from Kriav to the world Bal-Kriav was done along feywild fuses. Finding themselves in the eastern tracts of Gwaellurth, some pushed westward founding Carororn on 7 Witchrite 571 HE. More followed, a steady stream of hobgoblins leaving one world for another. This continued into the First Epoch, ending with the rise of Rúmil. This elven empire, with bloodlines to Gwildath, themselves colonists of a sort, did not like the idea of their distant kin dumping their problems on lands they coveted. They went to war with the hobgoblins razing the towns around these rifts, burning down slave markets, and ridding Gwaellurth to Malig of hobgoblin influence. Gwaellurth's feywild fuses were permanently closed. Fifteen hundred years of use had left its mark on Bal-Kriav, with hobgoblins fanning out across the surface and some finding home in the Underdark.

Hobgoblins, a war-minded race, are not a sedentary people. Few of their kind take pleasure in farming or reading, instead preferring to occupy their time in marching, hunting, training, and in lieu of reading, they might wrestle, spar or box. At the higher levels of leadership, when they have no enemies to meet them in battle, they stage mock battles which commonly turn into the real thing.

The creation of these hobgoblins, is an admittance of his race's inferiority, proving goblins are followers, not leaders.

- Gruumsh, from the Cadence - "Goblin Fodder"

Racial Traits
Racial as hobgoblin