Twig Blights
RegionHigh Wood Country

In the God Era, the Covenant used this valley for secretive tests. The Civilization Planning Division, the CPD, studied Nature Energy and Dark Nature Energy in close proximity. Nearing the end of the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), there were Dark Nature pockets all over lands ravaged by demon invasions. Too many to clean up, too many to monitor, the study was undertaken to see the possible impacts it would have on the lands and peoples. The venerable elder treants of Feyrise tell of a conversation between two of the study's leaders; two that would become Nature Gods.

Silvanus said, "It is obvious that these two energies will create wars."

His growing rival Melrith replied, "Which will re-balance the land, which is what you want."

Silvanus could not argue with this logic, plus he liked the rapid evolution that seem to happen when Nature is faced with adversity.

With the Angelic Departure, the mortal fey that participated in this study, once followers of Silvanus, Melrith, and others, carried on the two sides of the study, one of decay, the other re-growth. Across the forests and rugged landscape of this valley are evidence of this, islands of verdant growth, accelerated by druidic spells, surrounded by blight and decay.