Diiv Revakaad

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasWyrm Sanctum
OwnerLahvirn Piiv
Founded17 War March 9310 GE
MapHiznaar Goz

In 9310 GE, construction began on the settlement Diiv Revakaad. It was built by descendants of Kriistvrii soldiers that served under Bahamut in the First Dragon Wake (9251 GE - 9269 GE). It was a wild time, where nobody held anything significant, where things of the two previous wars still roamed and or popped out of some hole, wrecking entire settlements.

Colonist crusaders became a term during the early history of Diiv Revakaad. They began a campaign of expanding their territory, and eradicating pockets of evil. With crusader mindset, things associated with Chaos, especially demons, were to be eradicated. The effort got more organized and successful under the town's first High Marshall. It was a title that hadn't been used since the Demon Spawn War, and then only for angels in service with the Quara'tun Covenant or dragons under Bahamut. Mulcantan, First High Marshall of Diiv Revakaad, conceived a plan to settle areas along a line from Diiv Revakaad to the Laag Grimolii mountains. His plan was most successfully carried out by the Strunmah Dein. These colonists set out on 6 Bloom 9355 GE. Around three centuries later, they founded Gaard Goraag. This holding was on the westernmost axis of a line of villages, towns, towers, forts and citadels stretching across Hiznaar Goz. Everything north of this axis to the Sands of Hell was becoming known as Kriistvrii lands.

For many centuries, the Aerie of Dragons was a dangerous place to try and build a civilization. The threat of a dragon attack was ever-present. It wasn't until the rise of Zeymah'kein that builders began to put more structures in the open. For Diiv Revakaad, most of the city is still beneath the surface.

In 988 HE, feeling pressure from Zeymah'kein, and a nationalist sentiment of a greater Kriistvrii state, Diiv Revakaad joined the Zeymah'kein Empire.

In the Third Burn (1504 HE - 1522 HE), Diiv Revakaad fell to the Mir'piamauza Empire. After Mir'piamauza's fall, Diiv Revakaad became a ruin, the abodes of beasts and monsters. Late in the Horgon Era, it was rebuilt by the A HREF="../races/aggorath.htm">Aggorath and the Muneyd'vith, growing into a city-state over the next few centuries. When Lahvirn Piiv came to power, it was annexed.

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