Fjorstaki - Darmaer
Founded29 Saunas 612 HE

On 29 Saunas 612 HE, in the name of Thyrm, the kingdom of Glangveif founded Fjorstaki. It was named after the first daughter of Glangveif, killed in the first flare-up between the fire kingdom of Hofthorm and its Glangveif opposite. Both Titan Empires, they were a proxy for the never-ending struggle between the Church of Surtur and that of Thyrm. Fjorstaki, its people devout, crusaders and fanatics, played heavily in Glangveif's diplomacy, vigilance and war when dealing with Surtur's pawns.

Outside of religious matters, Fjorstak was built as a coastal citadel. It protected the mithril coming out of Ugradrath and the trade crossing the Core Sea.

Fjorstaki is massive place, scaled to suit frost giants, it has great avenues that once teemed with mammoths five abreast. The wide thoroughfares funneled downward to a great central tower. The designers claimed to their Glangveif masters, who bulked at the expense of construction, that this design would expedite the movement of trade through the city's poorly planned site.

Later it was learned the true purpose of the city's design. A sect of Thyrm devotees worked on making the city and hopefully lands to the horizon, an extension of another world. These followers of Thyrm, the Anzar Sect were led by a frost giant shaman named Anzar, one bent on becoming as rich as Glangveif's king. Thyrm gave Anzar as task, one that if it worked would be a good display of his great power, and pad the pockets of Anzar; one who's faith was only true when the pockets were full. Thyrm loaned her the blade Webreaver. Using this storied blade, Anzar opened a rift between Fimbulwinter and the bowels of Fjorstaki. Known as the Fjorstaki Rift, its mouth is in Fjorstaki's central tower. This rift is still open, constantly feeding an entropic ice flow called the Anzar Glacier.

After the task of making the rift was done, Thyrm took back Webreaver, declaring:

There is your road to riches, take it. Now carry my word to the people of Glangveif.

- Thyrm, to the frost giant shaman Anzar

Thyrm's reference to road is the Anzar Glacier, the riches are the pockets of Fimbulwinter Gold are carried along with the glacier.

When Glangveif was defeated by the Hofthorm, Fjorstaki was depopulated, left a ruin.

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