Founded29 Saunas 612 HE

Fjorstaki was founded in the first half of the Titan Era by Glangveif. This was one of the the Titan Empire of that period which controlled large tracts of land and peoples. Fjorstaki's military built it as a stronghold protecting the gold mines of upper Ugradrath.

Fjorstaki is massive in scale, built to suit frost giants and where mammoths could walk through the streets without worrying about toppling a column or building. The thoroughfares were built wide and funneled downward from a great central tower. The designers claimed to their Glangveif masters, who bulked at the expense of construction, that this design would expedite their precious mining taking place under the tower. There was a much darker purpose to this place's layout though, one kept secret to Glangveif. A sect of Thyrm devotees sought to turn the area around them, and possibly the entire world, into an area of the likes of Fimbulwinter. They thought that Thyrm would be pleased with this icy land and come to lead them and Glangveif on to greater glory beyond just enriching the coffers of their far away rulers. This group was the Anzar Sect. Their leader was a frost giant shaman Anzar. To perform her task, Thyrm loaned her the blade Webreaver. This weapon was used to create a rift between Fimbulwinter and the world Bal-Kriav. The Fjorstaki Rift is in the central tower of this ruin, still open and still pumping a river of entropic ice southwards, and upland, into the towering peaks of the Giant Steps. This river of ice hardens as it leaves Fjorstaki becoming a field of ice known as the Anzar glacier. This area is obviously unnatural as it flows upland over hills and into the crags of the Giant Steps, only ending when it reaches another anomaly, the unnatural lake Kedmaer. After the task of making the rift was done, Thyrm took back Webreaver and stated to his devotee - "There is your road to glory and power, and more importantly to you, gold, now follow it and take the reign of power by might instead of deception". Thyrm's reference to road is the Anzar glacier which flows towards Haugald, then seat of power for the Glangveif empire. The shaman's attempt to change Glangveif's leadership led to her death, yet she was not entirely forgotten with the glacier named for her.

When the Glangveif fell to the Hofthorm, the ruined city was abandoned to the elements. The Orchish Empire have shown no interest in the place, stating its remote location in a very rugged inhospitable valley and being a den of fanatics.

Fjorstaki is a haven to beasts and monsters and always has frost giants and frost dragons lingering about.

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