The Gudrall hills are southeast of lake Thurveleg. Gudrall has long been a resource rich area. The hills are pitted with abandoned mines dug long ago by the Toomrur of Dumugon. When the ogres were forced to abandon Dumugon (as part of the peace treaty that ended the First Ogre War), the mines of Gudrall became the home of Dumugon's refugees. In the mines, the ogres enslaved a dozen or so goblin tribes and set them to work in the mines and building the fortress Norgtrum.

In the Crimson Offensive, a massive battle was fought in these hills. The skeletons, earthworks, and destroyed implements of this battle are found near Gudrall's center.

When the Ogre Union was defeated by Crimson Eye, the goblin tribes dwelling in the mines of Gudrall were liberated. These tribes have grown in strength and number and serve regularly with Crimson Eye's military.

Notable Areas