Gudrall - Thingrorn


The Gudrall hills are southeast of lake Thurveleg. A resource rich area, it has long been an area of great conflict.

First dug by the Toomrur of Dumugon, Gudrall is pitted with abandoned iron and platinum mines. Dumugon was abandoned as part of the peace treaty that ended the First Ogre War (1505 - 1511). The mines to the High Command's consternation, became home to many of Dumugon's refugees. From there, they began rebuilding their strength, first by enslaving a dozen goblin tribes, then putting them to work on their fortress Norgtrum.

In the Crimson Offensive (1804 - 1810), a massive battle was fought in this area. Across the hills, skeletons, earthworks, and destroyed implements lead all the way to the battered and haunted ruin of Norgtrum.

When the Toomrur Hegemony were defeated by Crimson Eye, the goblin tribes were liberated. They joined the conquerors as miners, laborers, and warriors.

Notable Areas
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Notable Resources
  • Iron
  • Platinum