Durkoth Dreadnought Abomination
LocationSea of Mourning

Zen'nêlkhush is a deep undersea rift surrounding much of Necrocrypt. The local aquatic races say this place holds some of the deepest waters of the Sea of Mourning.

Zen'nêlkhush is a dark and foreboding place, rumored to hold an ancient sleeping evil. The Dark Rite Library has scrolls and ancient tomes that hint as to what may lie in the eerie depths of this rift. The writings speak of the ancient submerged cities of the Durkoth.

In each of these underwater cities is a hibernation vault, a relic salvaged from the Helas Vessel. They hold thousands of Durkoth in temporal stasis. Victims of the Durkoth Descent, it is said they wait in stasis for the day when they will be summoned forth to take their place as rulers of civilizations.

- excerpt from the Unausprechlin Kulten - "Hibernation Vaults"

The merfolk patrolling the outer edges of this area say that in the Durkoth Descent, several hundred of Abâthigûr's elites, wealthy and or influential Durkoth, went into Zen'nêlkhush and vanished. The rest swam north where they founded the undersea settlement Ogharkú.