LocationPearl Sea
Founded19 Bliss 1013 HE

Ogharkú was built by enslaved ixitxachitl for their masters, the Durkoth; an alien race that came to this area in the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE). The Durkoth used the slaves to build an alien-appearing city of massive proportions. It is largely made of coral (living in most parts) and spreads along ten miles of reefs and undersea caves. Living areas are spread apart, yet all linked by a vast network of underground water-filled passages.

Like the other Durkoth that went beneath the seas, those at Ogharkú were partly insane and slowly degenerating. They were never able to establish a respectable empire like they did on the surface with Abâthigûr. The Durkoth splintered, with some going their own way and establishing petty holdings. As their might increased, these groups quickly came into conflict. Ogharkú would remain a city-state for more than a thousand years.

When the Durkoth mysteriously disappeared from the seas, the ixitxachitl warred over the spoils of their former masters. The city was turned to ruins from this fighting and lack of maintenance. In the last one hundred years of the Horgon Era, the area about Orat-Khagor stabilized. A powerful family of ixitxachitl came to power. This family was the Ranturâpha. Over the next 150 years, they battled for supremacy for the other holdings dotting the walls of Orat-Khagor.

On 13 Temporal 72, the empire Ranturâpha was established. Ogharkú became its capital city.

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