Šukhan Šukhan Legion

CategoryCrack Units
RegionIce Cap, Badmaer
Alignmentslawful neutral, lawful good
Symbolchain lightning and sword
Disbanded14 Artifice 125 HE

The Šukhan, or Šukhan Legion, is a legendary military unit of the Volgad kingdom. With around 2,000 soldiers, this unit was equivalent to a small legion. The Šukhan Legion was composed of warrior mages. All were trained in the arcane arts. Some were both powerful wizards and master fighters. The legion was led by seven generals called the Šukhan Legates.

The unit started as a mercenary force. It proved to be a deadly and feared unit in the conflicts with the fire giants of Borngring. Volgad's top brass asked them to join the premier unit of the military, the King's Army. The unit refused this honor several times, but continued to actively fight alongside the national army in the Borngring War. As the war between the fire giants and Volgads progressed, nationalist fervor gripped the nation. A day after the Guldat Eruption (110 HE), the Šukhan joined the King's Army.

They gained renown for their decision to remain guarding Imrik while the city was emptied of people and loot. When the fire giants broke into the city, they defended the place to the last soldier. An army of 10,000 smashed their way through the city and slew all 2,000 soldiers of the Šukhan Legion. The attackers suffered badly, losing half their numbers. As a result of their losses, the fire giant army were unable to muster the strength to pursue the Volgads into Cinyossion.

The legendary defense of Imrik and the stories of this unit are sources of pride for the Nithian people. Across Tamlêrran are numerous monuments and statues dedicated to the heroes of Šukhan.

When it was a mercenary force, the Šukhan Legion gained notoriety in the southeastern reaches of Erthadan. In this Underdark region, the Šukhan helped the drow of Phaerssysn defeat a rival city-state. In return for their help, they made a special overcoat for each of the Šukhan Legates. These items are called the Overcoats of the Seven Legates. These items were lost in the Siege of Imrik.