Galirkrad Templar of Tiamat
CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons
CapitalViing Prolgiid
Alignmentchaotic evil
EnemiesAshmerthoon, Zeymah'kein
Reign1301 HE - 1725 HE
MapKrein Jusk

Galirkrad was a Kriistvrii empire that reigned for four centuries of Horgon Era. It was a theocracy founded around the mass worship of Tiamat; meaning the entire population was required to pray to her, commit money to the Church of Tiamat, and pledge allegiance as soldiers if the church state required it.

Galirkrad was centered in the glacial wastes of Sotiisk'lum. Their remote location, perfect for defense, made them a tough target for those with an interest in their land, the Ashmerthoon, or looking to stamp out their ideals, Zeymah'kein's crusaders.

In 1293 HE, the settlement Viing Prolgiid was built by Kriistvrii exiles out of Zeymah'kein. Most of them were Tiamat devotees with hardcore beliefs. Their acts of insurrection, sabotage and murder got so bad that they were driven out of Zeymah'kein in the Platinum Inquisition (1279 HE - 1290 HE). The exiles, numbering several thousand, went far east into Krein Jusk where they could worship their dark god without persecution.

In 1301 HE, Viing Prolgiid's cabal was overthrown. These were Kriistvrii, yearning for something bigger than temples and a lone city-state. The military, led by battle priests of Tiamat, created the autocratic nation of Galirkrad. Leadership was given to a blue dragon named Voduliik Mulhaan. Young at the time, it was figured that this role would be a mere figurehead, one steered by the priests and generals. Little did they know, cultists had been grooming Voduliik Mulhaan for many years. She was extremely cunning and very intelligent. The selection of a Dragon as ruler was an unusual one for the Kriistvrii people. By tradition, for the last seven centuries, back to their time with the Zeymah'kein Empire, only a Kriistvrii ruled over Kriistvrii. The cultists and priests said it came from the top, that is the will of Tiamat, the beginnings of a population that would be convinced that dragons were superior beings; they espoused the idea that since Tiamat is a god, her offspring, the Gral Wahliik and its descendants, must also carry the divine spark, the potential to be a god.

One of the vilest things that Galirkrad is remembered for is the tainting of Vith Alok. This was done by Whitefang agents determined to change Vith Alok's direction from one of dragon reverence to domination.

In 1725 HE, Galirkrad fell to the kobold hordes of Ashmerthoon. The vast complex beneath Viing Prolgiid could not be breached by the attackers. Whitefang survived the enemy onslaught and remains as one of the last vestiges of Galirkrad civilization.

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