Galirkrad Imperial Guard
CategoryFallen Empires
RegionAerie of Dragons
CapitalViing Prolgiid
Alignmentchaotic evil
EnemiesArkhosia, Ashmerthoon
Reign1301 HE - 1725 HE
MapKrein Jusk

Galirkrad was a dragonborn empire of the Horgon Era. It was a theocracy founded around the mass worship of Tiamat; meaning the entire population was required to pray to her, commit money to the Church of Tiamat, and pledge allegiance as soldiers if the church state required it.

The empire was sited in the icy valley of Sotiisk Lumnaar. Galirkrad's remote location made the small nation strong on the defense against attacks from Arkhosia and closer hostiles like Ashmerthoon.

In 1293 HE, the settlement Viing Prolgiid was built by dragonborn exiles out of Arkhosia. Most of them were Tiamat devotees with hardcore beliefs. Their acts of insurrection, sabotage and murder got so bad that they were driven out of Arkhosia in the Platinum Inquisition. The exiles, numbering several thousand went far east into Krein Jusk where they could practice worship of Tiamat without persecution. Viing Prolgiid's cabal government was overthrown by force in 1301 HE. The autocratic nation of Galirkrad was established with the first ruler a blue dragon named Voduliik Mulhaan. In 1412 HE, this ruler was deposed by church elements seeking to bring an end to his brutality - at least that is what they preached, but it proved to be that the church wanted absolute rule. There is no doubt that Tiamat was behind the push for change. Internal strife continued through the empire's five centuries of existence with rulers and governments toppling many times.

One of the vilest things that Galirkrad is remembered for is the tainting of Vith Alok. This was done by Whitefang agents determined to change Vith Alok's direction from one of dragon reverence to dragon domination and creation.

In 1725 HE, Galirkrad fell to the kobold hordes of Ashmerthoon. The vast complex beneath Viing Prolgiid could not be breached by the attackers. Whitefang survived the enemy onslaught and remains as one of the last vestiges of Galirkrad civilization.

Civilization Tree
Viing Prolgiid