Founded6 Bloom 2145 HE

Sigatharkin was a city of Greroch founded late in the Horgon Era. The Mîmêk built it as fortress to cover the advance of mines tapping the Tail of Golruwyrm. This gold vein was so bountiful and consistent that the Mîmêk had been tapping it for a thousand years, following areas they could safely reach from the cliffs of Diiv Prok all the way into Zarag-Gûn. When they broke into this cavern, they came into the territory of the Runelderil. The drow repelled the Mîmêk for a time, but in the end the dark dwarves were in such numbers and determined to continue mining the gold vein that they took hold of half of the cavern. Runelderil and Sigatharkin had periods of peace, but never became friendly neighbors.

In the First Epoch, the city had one major church dedicated to Tarâk. In the Onyx Enmity War (915 - 920), it was the urgings of the priests of Tarâk that led to the demolition of Zarag-Gûn's ceiling. The stories of today say that Tarâk told these priests that this would end the war with the Runelderil. The collapse of Zarag-Gûn did end the Onyx Enmity War but it also resulted in a cataclysmic event that wiped out Sigatharkin, Runelderil, the Nermaneans and Gholompotl. Those fortunate enough to escape the deluge, about a quarter of the city went into upper shafts and then sealed them behind them. Nearly ten thousand refugees then went northeast of Izen'nâth's basin and founded the settlement Nurum-Maluk.

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