Sigatharkin - Greroch

Founded6 Bloom 1745 HE

Founded late in the Horgon Era, a Mîmêk mining company built it as fortress to cover the advance of mines tapping the Tail of Golruwyrm. This gold vein was so rich that they had been tapping it for centuries. They hit it from the cliffs of Diiv Prok all the way down into the great cavern of Zarag-Gûn. In this area, they ran into trouble. Loosely claimed by the Runelderil Empire, the meager forces of the mining company were forced back. Wanting the support of a bigger party, the mining company requested a settlement charter from Duluk-Zirag. This promised their benefactor a cut of the gold flow and tax revenue of the settlement. In return, the settlement would get the security forces they separately needed. Conflict between the Runelderil and the people of Sigatharkin went on for many centuries. Long periods of peace followed, yet never lasted more than a few decades. Today, evidence of this conflict lies in ruined blockhouses, forts, towers, trenches, and walls from the shattered gates of Sigatharkin to the once mighty drow city of Ilaleztice.

In the First Epoch, the city had one major church dedicated to Tarâk. In the Onyx Enmity War (915 - 920), it was the urging of the priests of Tarâk that led to the collapse of Zarag-Gûn's ceiling. The stories of today say that Tarâk told these priests that this would end the war with the Runelderil. The collapse of Zarag-Gûn did indeed end the war. It came at great costs though, the roof of Zarag-Gûn was part of the bottom of the Nermanis Sea. When the sea flooded downward, it submerged Sigatharkin, Ilaleztice and other holds for many miles in all directions. Sigatharkin's refugees, nearly ten thousand people, went northeast of Izen'nâth's basin where they founded the settlement Nurum-Maluk.

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