Irrangrad - Enkii Jusk
RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded6 Hollow 737 HE
MapEnkii Jusk

The ruin of Irrangrad is southwest of the Sebgult Volcano. In the Horgon Era, this place was a mighty bastion of the Mir'piamauza Empire. Built in the harsh unforgiving wastes of Kii Nev, it would grow to be a modest sized city. Much of its wealth came from dozens of gemstone and silver mines. Today, these mines are operated by companies based out of Ag Staaz.

North of Irrangrad is a large lava lake called Kirmiel, and beyond a great volcano, lair of the sleeping dragon it was named after. Irrangrad, built on a promontory, was shielded on its north side with a curved wall, usually successful at deflecting eruptions and frequent lava flows.

The most interesting feature of Irrangrad is the basalt statue at the heart of the city. This towering structure, 140' tall, depicts a Piamauza knight on the back of a red dragon. Mir'piamauza history says that this person was the knight Khimrinâth, one of their greatest heroes. The red dragon in the statue was his companion Sebgult. They claim that when Khimrinâth was killed at the Battle of Suf Sungaar, Sebgult went into a maddened rage lasted weeks. During this time, he attacked everything in site and alone wipe out an entire Zeymah'kein brigade.

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