Class44th necromancer
RaceDurkoth (Lich)
TitleLord of Necrocrypt
Alignmentchaotic evil
Undead19 Dreamer 1009 HE

In the Horgon Era, on the world Osâchar, Molakh-Búle was a mighty lord. He was of such power, that he is the only non-Saint of Maen that got a Helas Vessel. He and his minions escaped the Second Suellk Invasion (430 HE - 537 HE), a conflict that would wipe out the Durkoth on Osâchar.

When the Spire of Molakh-Búle arrived on the world Bal-Kriav, it landed on Gathrot isle. The leader of this vessel was Molakh-Búle. His minions comprised of roughly 10,000 Durkoth ("the masters"), 3,000 Hydrocur ("the security force") and roughly 10,000 Sussgurd ("the servants"). Over hundreds of years, they spread across Necrocrypt and into the region Karnegmoth. These holdings became the Abâthigûr empire.

Molakh-Búle was one of the mightiest necromancers of the Horgon Era. On 19 Dreamer 1009 HE, using a recipe from a book written by Maen Grirngrim, he turned himself into a lich. He became an immortal like his counterparts, the Saints of Maen. The Saint of Maen were immortals because of the magical devices riveted to their skulls, the Torcs of Maen Grirngrim. Molakh-Búle was jealous that he did not have one, and realizing that he was near the end of his race's lifespan, he took the path of undeath. The driving reason for this decision was that he didn't want to see all that he had built on Necrocrypt, particularly his empire Abâthigûr, fall to ruin and disorder with his end. An egomaniac, Molakh-Búle believed that nobody could run Abâthigûr as good as himself. Though never proved, it is said he trapped Cinnuru Mine, Mulun'nâth, and other places that would become refuges for Sussgurd rebels. Many of these rebels fell to necromantic magic, becoming undead that preyed on their old friends as well as the remnants of a dying empire.

Molakh-Búle's advancements to necromancy are a product of studying the works of Maen Grirngrim. These ancient tomes and scrolls, saved from the Suellk Invasion, were brought to Bal-Kriav. He continued this work, with the accumulated writings becoming the foundation for the Dark Rite Library; Midrêth's premier library and research center for the study and advancement of necromancy and undead. Some of the more darker works found in this library were the founding principles of the Cult of Worms and would lead to the corruption of Thasmudyan's soul.