Kelksorli, First King of Hofthorm
Class18th ranger
RaceFire Giant
TitleKing of Hofthorm
Alignmentlawful evil
Born3 Saunas 96 HE
Died11 Witchrite 167 HE

Kelksorli rose to notoriety through charisma, quick-thinking and prowess in battle. At the age of 12, he slew his first dragon. His detractors say it was only a fang dragon, a young one; yet anyone that really knows dragons, knows that fang dragons excel at ground combat.

In the Lava Flood War (110 HE - 125 HE), nearly the entire population of Borngring's fire giants went to war with the Volgads. In this war, Kelksorli became a renown and respected commander. A master at hurling fiery boulders, in close quarters he was fond of wielding two massive short swords named Grace and Destruction.

In 125 HE, his army sacked Imrik. When the Volgads were driven from Imrik, north beyond the blackened peaks of Steirgar, the army of Kelksorli broke up. Over the next twenty years, Kelksorli and his loyalists, most from his home land of Guldat, fought to unite the fire giant tribes.

In 145 HE, he had five hundred fire giants under him and ten times as many non-giants. On 26 Brightstar of the same year, he established his own kingdom, becoming master of the Hofthorm Monarchy.

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