Primus Hexaconta

Built3 Dreamer 8612 DE

The Primus Hexaconta is a sixty-sided polygon structure in the southern tracts of Honmin. Otherworldly, it is a mix of petrified matter and clockwork parts. Once the beating heart of the Prime Architect, the Primus Hexaconta was created when he fell to the Nine-Tongued Worm. Upon his last breath, his heart was launched from an aperture in his back. Escaping over the horizon, it came to rest at Kirrothe. On this plateau, it uncompressed, increasing a thousand fold in size. Inside the heart, the Primus Hexaconta, were stores of life energy and hundreds of Sparks of Creation. Much of this went into the making of Primus, the Prime Architect's only son, the rest into the making of a Modron army.

Primus, son of the Prime Architect, is largely responsible for keeping the primordials out of Hezmort. His modron legions, their efficiency, order, and military discipline made them a bane to Chaos's slaves.

- Danzar-Khâl, from a Plaques of Aphalur - "Modron Legions of Hezmort"

After the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Danzar-Khâl put Mechanus under the oversight of Primus and his modrons. The Primus Hexaconta was left under the guardianship of constructs and magical creatures. The place's traps, guardians, and puzzle locks were enough to keep most away. Those that made it past, found themselves lost in shifting chambers and rotating levels, an ever-changing multi-level maze.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE) the Primus Hexaconta was much desired by the demon lord Jurusalax. Hundreds of demons and slaves were lost trying to find their way around and back. Jurusalax "befriended" the Gimrune, a people known for their mechanical skills and gadgetry. They also failed, never truly understanding that to unlock the Primus Hexaconta, one must become like it.

During the Feeding of Kezgihr (1552 HE - 1798 HE), hundreds of Gimrune fled to the security of the Primus Hexaconta. It was the last place anyone wanted to go, the heart of a dead god, its shifting halls patrolled by ancient constructs. Unlike their predecessors, once inside, they learned that salvation, and the destruction of their foes, would come through engineering and contraption.

For sixty years, the Shi'gah lived inside the Primus Hexaconta. Not surprisingly, they became converts of Primus and most importantly, accepted the nature of what they lived in, becoming in some way like it. They found secret chambers, an area called the Memories of the Prime Architect, with stores of blueprints, parts, and instructions for making constructs, mechanical contraptions, and replacing one's organic parts with grafts.

Today, the Primus Hexaconta is a place for experiments in alchemy, medicine, healing and making constructs and clockworks for the Dema'tira Confederation.

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