Gambriath Wood of the Lost Fey

Dark Treant
CategoryForests (Dark Nature)
RegionHigh Wood Country
AliasWood of the Lost Fey
FocusDark Nature Energy

Gambriath was once a grassland hemmed in by two swamps and their two mountain rivers. In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), after the Covenant war against the demons moved to faraway areas, members of the 9th Deception Wing under Melrith made it their home. In Covenant records, the 9th DW-M as they coded it, was a brigade sized-unit of sprites, mischievous tricksters, best kept away from more organized and lawful minded units. Ares wrote that they are best used for stirring up trouble behind enemy lines.

In 845 HE, a migrating goblin horde cut a northerly path through this forest to the future site of Antokepf.

Every night, as Merioss begins to wane, the sprites come out drunk and belligerent. Skirmishes and chases are overshadowed by all the theft and pranks. Great dissension follow, accusation of theft, sometimes proven true with the wily sprites planting the stolen item in the wagon or pack of the accused.

- Mol, goblin captain of 2nd Worg Platoon - "Tricksters of Gambriath"

In 869 HE a necromancer named Kyvile returned to Gambriath. In the crossing two decades before, he lost his entire family to the sprites. Now a seasoned necromancer, he came back for revenge. He killed nearly a hundred of them before tiring of the slaughter. Before he left, he burned the sprites in a massive funeral pyre. Unbeknown to him, this was a violation of the sprite's sacrosanct burial practice of letting the dead lay where they died. The dead sprites, their soul energy still wandering aimlessly about Arcadia, pleaded to the gods for revenge. Melrith answered, sending a dozen of them to Gambriath as ghosts, the Lost Fey. These sprites had hoped this would be something on the order of reincarnation into something more dangerous like an elder treant, but instead they became wisps of negative energy with the power to take over the bodies of the living. They made quick work of Kyvile and his minions. Today, these Lost Fey are a nuisance for travelers, sometimes taking over an individual or two for a few days, playing pranks on other travelers or just acting very different than normal.

In addition to prankster ghost sprites, Gambriath is home to Dark Treant, marauding bands of twig blight, Quickling gangs, and other evil-inclined fey.

Focus Effect

DominationAll illusion, charm, domination and influencing magic cast in Gambriath have a +2 to their difficulty checks