Phanaca - Skycius
RegionNorthern Hordelands
Built26 Hollow 400 LE

Built in 400 LE, this place began as a mountain lab. The researchers were the Lith-Crillion of a research division named the Sâlo Tânê 11. They studied the fiery things coming out of the Tyf Badikar volcano.

In 1001 LE, Phanaca fell to Grazafar's Basalt Legion. Grazafar, a stone giant champion, led an army of stone and earth giants, magmin and fire elementals. Normally enemies, they were eager allies when it came to battling Phanaca's "mad scientists". After the Lith-Crillion's demise, Phanaca was left a ruin.

In 1244 HE, the ruin became the home of the Vulon Viing, a dragon cult cell tasked with expanding the reach of Vith Alok. Phanaca's garrison, some bloodthirsty, is comprised of vampires, death giants, ghouls, ju-ju zombies, a skeletal legion, a dracolich or two, chimera, manticore, and three yeth hound kennels.

In the lowest reaches of Phanaca is a labyrinth where feral minotaurs and other foul beasts hunt for sport. Named the Bloody Maze, it is a great money-maker for Phanaca. This entertainment area, gambling, and other business interests are often at odds with Vith Alok's goals.