RegionNorthern Hordelands
Built26 Hollow 795

Phanaca is sited on the edge of the volcanic wasteland Nuulwrath. This basalt fortress can be reached by a craggy vale that cuts through Tholmgerd. The vale is always smoky, with sometimes noxious and deadly gases, and often a very dangerous place to travel. Geb's work is another hazard, with frequent rock slides and earthquakes.

The stronghold was built as a personal retreat for the Theegan witches that ruled the Witch Horde. Due to its remote location and the hazardous environment around it, Phanaca was abandoned around the Year 810. It wasn't long after that the place became the lair of beasts, monsters and other malcontents. Most of Phanaca lies underground, away from noxious gases and smoke of the valley and wasteland.

In the Second Epoch, the vampire Azalea took hold of Phanaca and turned it into her headquarters. From this base, she leads the Vith Alok cell Vulon Viing. She strengthened the surface area of the stronghold with glass shards protruding from the walls, and decorated it with the ribs of mastodons facing inward to the court grounds. A massive, 250' diameter hole, the Dragons Throat, is at the heart of the keep. Steam and smoke rises from this gloomy pit. Stairs and a sloped road descend into the lower levels of Phanaca. Dragons, and at night, vampires come and go from the Dragons Throat.

Within the bowels of the palace are the catacombs of Azalea and her minions; vampire spawns, giants, gnolls, monsters, a dracolich, wyverns, and yeth hounds to name just a few. A large number of drow dwell in the Underdark areas of this vast complex. The most feared place of this Underdark area is the Demon Maze, where demoniac minotaurs and other foul beasts hunt their prey. This maze has 40' high walls and a parapet for spectators. Much of the income for Phanaca is generated by this cruel entertainment area. Drow, illithids, Mîmêk, Theegans and others make treks over great distances to bet on these Demon Maze Hunts.

Notable Areas
  • Cells of Ten Thousand Shackles
  • Demon Maze
  • Dragons Throat
  • Vulon Viing, cell of the Vith Alok