LocationSea of Mourning
Founded14 Dreamer 1020 HE

In 1017 HE, the Durkoth of the Spire of Neld-Rac began heading for the seas. This yearning was part of a mutation of their race. They headed to the waters off the coasts of Hells Womb. After gathering a force of underwater slaves, they had Limac-Nîr built in the undersea rift Ogmarë. Sahuagin did much of the hard labor with the then mortal Neld-Rac overseeing the work. Under him were the The Chosen, those Durkoth that believed in the near-divine status of their Saint of Maen. They followed Neld-Rac into the deeps, joining the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE).

These Durkoth, like others of the Durkoth Descent, mutated and took on aquatic features. They left the surface and went to the oceans. In the depths of the seas and the oceans, these creatures dominated all those around them. The only group that they were unable to master were the sea titans of Skuttirk. The great coral walls, obsidian fin whales, schools of sharks, and the indomitable warriors of Skuttirk, kept them bottled against the coasts of Hleirt Vokun.

- Hjarkmik, sea titan historian of Skuttirk - "Durkoth Invaders"

The Durkoth ruled the city for a little over three centuries, but then one day in 1355 HE, they all entered the inner vaults of Limac-Nîr and sealed themselves inside. The sahuagin, now master-less, took over the city. As a result of what they learned from their masters and leftover technology, the sahuagin became masters of the seas around them. They drove off or enslaved all other aquatic races within a hundred miles. They also warred with the Kal-Oni and the city-states that were left when this empire crumbled. Paradomea City worked out a treaty with the sahuagin. This was one of the more despicable deals in the city's history. The Council of Nine gave them slaves from their markets in return for them not attacking Hells Womb's coasts or their shipping.

In 1315, the sahuagin found a relic of there ancient masters and activated it. This item, the Drums of Horgon, produced an evil song that flowed along the undersea currents, driving creatures mad with blood-lust. This caused most of the city's population to go insane. They headed north to the coasts, and began attacking Paradomea City. This started what became known as the Sea Devil War. In this war the city was leveled by blasts from a Pyramid of Power. In this war, the sahuagin population were nearly wiped out and part of their ancient city plunged into the deepest reaches of Ogmarë.

Today, Limac-Nîr is avoided by most creatures. The place radiates evil and chaos. Sometimes, sound waves emanate from the ruins and produce similar, but on a smaller scale, bloodlust incitement. This is similar to what drove the sahuagin mad and brought their downfall.

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