Anzar Sect

RegionCinazan, Ice Cap, Grashakh
Headquartersnone - decentralized
Frost Giant75%
Alignmentchaotic evil
SymbolStack of Fimbulwinter Gold
Established11 Witchrite 612 HE

The Anzar Sect is a group that view prayer as a path to personal gain. They say the Higher Power desire for mortal worshipers, and thus more Divine Power, is a path to personal gain for the worshiped. Heretical thinking in most religions, this 'equitable devotion' principle was rooted when Thyrm hinted that it is of little importance how you get believers - devotion or gold, the result is the same.

The core belief of this organization can be summed up as if Thyrm helps us, then we will worship him. This belief was heretical at the time the group was founded. This changed when the group's founder, a frost giant shaman named Anzar, showed Glangveif's king and lackeys the true power of her small group of fifty adepts. This show of power was the opening of the Fjorstaki Rift.

The beginning of this group began with Anzar. In 609 HE, she was a charismatic site manager for gold mining operations going on in upper Ugradrath. She was worshiper of Thyrm, but not a devoted one. Anzar had a lot of people under her, and it said her oratory skills were such that they listened to her. Agents of Thyrm, seeking candidates to spread his worship and thereby gain more divine power, sought her out. They quickly figured out what made her tick - wealth and nationalist sentiment. Yearning for more followers, Thyrm saw a way of getting more followers through Anzar while enriching her pockets. He guided Anzar to a weak spot in the Web of Magic, one that if properly handled, would open link between the world of Fimbulwinter and Anzar's home world of Bal-Kriav. The opening of the Fjorstaki Rift led to a slither of Gjalvar Kjoll going into the rift, where it continues to bleed through to this day. Along with mountains of ice, the glacial flow carried pockets of Fimbulwinter Gold. These gold finds, often deep in the ice, made Anzar very rich. They helped finance Glangveif's wars. Perhaps more importantly, the ways of the Anzar Sect became an accepted route of prayer that still exists today in areas across northern Brucrumus.

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