Thyrms Breath Durkoth Hibernation

AliasesDurkoth Hibernation
Period1355 HE - 1555 HE

A minor ice age swept parts of the realm from the period 1355 HE to 1555 HE. This event is called Thyrms Breath. This ice age is thought to be an unnatural event. The chill of this ice age delivers bitter cold and snow from Midrêth to Tarôzîr. Ice packs were a common sight in the Pearl Sea and Sea of Mourning.

At the start of Thyrm's Breath, the entire race of Durkoth disappeared. This happened to all of those in the seas and oceans of Midrêth. Scratch coral, written by a sahuagin slave, was found at Limac-Nîr and read 'The Durkoth went into the guts of the city and sealed themselves away. It was not a few at a time, but a procession of several thousands of them. They went deep into the vaults we built for them, then sealed themselves inside, and we never seen them again'.

I think these brutal slave lords are sleeping, waiting for a time when they will be awakened, perhaps by accident or on cue.

- Hjarkmik, sea titan historian of Skuttirk - "Durkoth Hibernation"

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