The term "embracing lichdom" is often used for those who take the path of becoming a lich. It is done for a number of reasons, immortality, heightened powers, to continue down a path of research that requires more than a normal mortal lifespan. It has also been used to beat diseases, poisons, and deterioration that would otherwise be fatal to the mortal body.

Notable Liches
NameTurned UndeadNotes
Caliguworm6 Artifice 1019dispatched
Cryanus4 Witchrite 1456
Dead Saint28 Witchrite 1591dispatched
Drog'paagol 13 Witchrite 1722 HE
Eneriyes dispatched
Ermikel the Balance14 Witchrite 395dispatched
Erthjorn6 Witchrite 12 HEdispatched
Garn8 Bloom 1467dispatched
Katrana2 Bliss 1464
Lasestrov17 War March 1453
Lenassu17 Saunas 1515
Molakh-Búle19 Dreamer 1009 HE
Râlê9 Witchrite 1343
Razzir11 Lunar 1231
Sakazrân11 Kindle 950
Sarurkane19 Bliss 1290
Tome16 Temporal 1290
Vuzara19 Artifice 92 HEVuzaras Oven