elemental fire cat
RegionCinazan, Ice Cap
Borngring Depression Harknori Reach

Borngring is a vast depression ringed by the Steirgar mountains. This volcanic basin is the size of the Core Sea.

The area is littered with the ruins of giants and men. In the last two centuries of the Lith-Crillion Era and into the Horgon Era, fire giants and the Volgad warred across this area. The Volgad lived in the north, which then was a lush valley cut by rivers and hills. The fire giants resided in the south, with their main settlement on the slopes of Guldat. The fire giants began to get more aggressive in their raids when a charismatic and tough fire giant came to lead them.

Kelksorli and his army rode skiffs against our bastions. They attacked us like raiders from the seas, using obsidian boats that glided along the lava as if it were water. Guldat spewed rivers of lava that snaked from south to north, burning our lands to ash, cutting deep into the earth, and trapping some keeps in lakes of fire. The walls of Imrik were breached by the largest giant the realm has ever seen. A humanoid three hundred feet tall, body of fire, encased in exotic armor, and wielding a flaming greatsword. The fire giant slashed the walls, creating a 50' wide smoldering ruin. It then exploded into magma balls and smoke. The horde of Kelksorli sacked the city and slaughtered the defenders to the man.

- excerpt from the book "The Volgad Kingdom - The End"

When the Volgad fled north, the giants stopped pursuit at the walls of Steirgar. Not long after the Lava Flood War, the army of Kelksorli split up into rival groups or returned to their homes. Over the next twenty years, Kelksorli fought to unite the fire giant tribes. In 145 HE, the fire giant kingdom of Hofthorm was founded by Kelksorli.

In the surrounding highlands and across Borngring, there are forts, castles, ruins, and citadels of the Hlimi Kingdoms. Many of these places were built by the giant tribes and the Hofthorm. Even today, there always seems to be some petty conflict going on between the fire giants of this volatile region.

Near the heart of Borngring is the discolored waters of Yrngreirn. This lake is the largest water-body in the depression. Borngring is a volatile area rife with geothermal activity. There are numerous mud volcanoes, boiling pools, gas vents, and frequent volcanic eruptions. Azer, Igurkesh, fire snakes, hellish-looking cats, salamanders, hell hounds, fire trolls, red and blue dragons, and fire giants are some of the dangerous of this area.

The Underdark region of Faeglor can be reached from Borngring. There are many caves and dry lava tubes leading into the depths. A few well-hidden paths lead to Malardân. This city is ruled by the Eldritch Conclave.

Borngring has five active volcanoes, and one dead one. These are powered by the lava coming up Arnergal.