RegionIce Cap
Founded26 Artifice 123 HE

In the Lava Flood War, the Volgads were driven out of Borngring. They came to Cinyossion and re-established the kingdom. Aphelzâk was slowly built up as more people fled Imrik and surrounding areas. In 125 HE, shortly after the fall of Imrik, Aphelzâk became the new capital of Volgad.

Aphelzâk is sited at the western edge of this forest, perched on the Feyl escarpment, overlooking the great river Eldorien. The Volgads ruled from this city for a little more than four hundred years. During this time they were constantly harassed by the Cûngin-Zar and their old Borngring enemies, now under the banner of the fire giant kingdom Hofthorm. With enemies north and south, Volgad's culture and economy shifted from one of arts and enlightenment to war. Instead of writing, song, and art they beat the drums of war. This led to a steady increase in the number of military orders for both the martial arts and those using magic. Temples trained battle priests and institutes trained the arcane to be battle mages. It also gave rise to one of the the finest bardic colleges in the land - the Zenal-Tarush.

Their ballads of heroism and stories of the defenders of Imrik, especially those of the Šukhan Legion, and the Yônêrik military band which played all during the sieges. These were sometimes the only thing that seemed to keep the spirit of Aphelzâk alive and her walls from falling.

- Migar Yônêrik, from the Nithian History, Volume II - "Songs of Zenal-Tarush"

In the Cinyossion Conflict, all these orders were not enough to stop Cûngin-Zar's frost giants, an army that outnumbered Volgad's 10:1, and where giants served as ground forces and artillery batteries. In 527 HE, Aphelzâk fell. The fall of Aphelzâk ended the reign of Volgad but not Nithian destiny. Most of Volgad's people were gone when the city was stormed, whisked away by Zenduram's arch-mages. Those that escape with the help the Zenduram, were teleported far north to Magrâbik. In this northern region, about 18,000 Nithians began the rebuilding under the newly formed nation of Tamlêrran.

After it fell to Cûngin-Zar, Aphelzâk became a ruin. It became overgrown with weeds and then part of the forest. Today, it is the abode of beasts and monsters. The teleportation circles still exist beneath the ruins but are no longer functioning. The runes that cover their outer edges have been studied and copied by many over the years. The construction of Emancers Teleporter was only made possible from the study of these runes.

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