RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceBlue Dragon (Dracolich)
Alignmentlawful evil
Died21 Witchrite 1741 HE
Undead19 Witchrite 1742 HE - 11 War March 434

On 21 Witchrite 1741 HE, in the fortified spire of Corungrall, Glagengrane was slain by his power-sharing partner. His slayer, a hobgoblin chieftain named Durgol, had some of Glagengrane's scales sent off to the forge. Enchanted by hobgoblin shamans, the Scales of Glagengrane is one of the finest suits of blue dragon scalemail of the Horgon Era.

On 1742 HE, having a made a deal with the dragon cultists of Whitefang, Glagengrane was resurrected then turned into a dracolich.

On 11 War March 434, in the great halls of Corungrall, Glagengrane fell to an adventuring group named the Platinum Six.

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