World Splitter Tarâks Phallus

iron colossus of Malurn
AliasTarâks Phallus
Built26 Kindle 7806 DE
Destroyed12 Saunas 331 HE

The World Splitter was a massive machine built by Tarâk. It is unthinkably large, nearing the size of a large mountain. Inside it are thousands of gears and moving parts, which themselves are so huge that special constructs were created to move and fix them. Some of the largest of these are iron colossus constructs. When the World Splitter crashed into Bal-Kriav, some of these constructs escaped and now roam Malurn.

The World Splitter was to be powered by five Warp Matter Cores. To get the warp matter to make these engines (a design stolen from the Crillion Comet), Tarâk and his team made a trip to Ilabizdum's Decomposition String. They paid a terrible price for this precious warp matter, with Tarâk and his Slaad Hexos forever changed, becoming aberrations of chaos.

In 310 HE, while mining deep in Dûlan-Nûl, the Mezrack found an ancient god-built device. After figuring out its deadly purpose, they went on to use it in a more benign way. Over the next fifteen years, they used it to bore through the Dûlan-Nûl moon in search of precious metals and gemstones. Tarâk's device, what he simply called the World Splitter, was not designed for delicate tasks. It was a war machine built to destroy worlds. As it bored a huge path before it, it also created great cracks in the surrounding rock. In 330 HE, the careless use of the device resulted in the moon's break-up. This sent fragments into the Void and others careening into Ilabizdum's atmosphere. Some of those that made it through the Belt of Geb got as far as Bal-Kriav. On this world, this meteor shower became known as the the Dûlan-Nûl Firestorm.

For fifteen years, my kin used a massive city-sized device called the World Splitter. We used this god-made marvel to move through Dûlan-Nûl with ease and exploit many veins of precious ores. As a result of the many finds, we grew rich and reckless. Greed overtook engineering and geological concerns. As a result, our home world shattered. An entire moon destroyed with all its people and creatures!

The Mezrack were lucky, those inside the World Splitter drifted through black emptiness for a year until we came to this realm. Even though it was made by a god, the World Splitter could not withstand the impact with Bal-Kriav. Those inside the central bore survived, while those outside in the super structure, the city dwelling, were all lost. No more than two hundred of us survived from a population of 25,000. It is the greatest shame of our people, and one never talked about, but history must known what we did.

- Khelâd-Thûlu, a Mezrack's dying words to an elderaunt doctor - "Last Words"

On the world Bal-Kriav, fragments of the World Splitter can be found in western Ice Cap, the drill casing, made of Dûlan, litters Râpha-Nâr's islands and seabed. The only major part that escaped damage is a colossal diamond drill. This thing in the wastes of Sava'khar is 100' diameter at its extreme.

Survivors of the World Splitter wreckage founded Azaraglad on 26 Hollow 332 HE.

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