Creation25 Lunar 9321 GE
LanguageGiant, Abyssal (25%)

In the God Era, a great war was waged across the oceans, lands, and the deeps of Bal-Kriav. In the Underdark region Faeglor, minions under Geb battled the forces serving the demon lord Zuggtmoy. In the Demon Spawn War, those captured by her forces, and not eaten, were put to work in the Siolix mines. These mines were a deadly place for many, with seemingly endless veins of deep rock near all the area's gemstone, copper, and cassiterite (source for tin) deposits. Several hundred earth giants of these slave mines, those with the fortitude to survive long-term deep rock exposure, mutated into what has become known as the fomorians. The first earth giant to fully change into what is now called a fomorian occurred somewhere around 9321 GE.

In 9460 GE, the fomorian Borri Slarek led an uprising against the demons of Zuggtmoy. Borri was backed in this conflict by earth elementals and whatever other resources that Geb could send to him without drawing the ire of the Quara'tun Covenant. In 9470 GE, Borri Slarek used the hammer Quake to kill Zuggtmoy. This was not a permanent death, for her dark soul was sent screaming back to the Abyss to reform. The death of Zuggtmoy sent her minions fleeing back to their rift, and home to their Abyssal world. The fomorian people followed Borri Slarek until his death. Afterwards, they failed to pick a leader to unify them, so they split up in groups and scattered across the Underdark.

The fomorians have taken the low road since their time with Borri, becoming a dark race bent on domination and conquest. Some think this evilness to be a product of serving the demons and others something picked up from exposure to deep rocks - for many of the Underdark, these rocks are called Zuggs Gallstones.

In addition to their primary Giant language, 25% of all fomorians speak Abyssal.

Fomorians are responsible for creating the Spriggan, a people created by exposing Svirfneblin captives to deep rocks.

Racial Traits
Deep Rock Hardened born of exposure to deep rock, fomorians are immune to its effects
Racial as fomorian