Pit of the Light Reaper

RegionNorthern Hordelands, Phangul
LocationPhanaca, Darg Laug
Built3 Artifice 1299 HE

The Pit of the Light Reaper is a roughly 250' diameter shaft blasted by magic and quarried by toil. From Phanaca's courtyard it descends down at angles favoring those on the wing. About a mile long, it ends at the cavern roof of a subterranean lava lake named Darg Laug.

Taking nearly five decades to build, when it was finished it greatly reduced the internal pressure of the nearby volcano Tyf Badikar. Now much less volatile and cooler, the area's fiery natives were greatly angered.

The Pit of the Light Reaper was built as part of a deal between a deep dragon named Kun Sahvoz and the dragon cultists of Vulon Viing. The dragon got his revenge on the fiery brutes of Tyf Badikar and its lava lake; those that had clipped his wings. For their work in making the shaft, the dragon cultists got Kun Sahvoz's permission to make him a dracolich.

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