Creation4 Hollow 15 DE
NativeBal-Kriav, others

Early in the Dawn Era, Piranoth created the Aboleth race. They were his intelligent overseers, watching over the dark watery domains on several of his earliest created worlds. His earliest writings of them say they were neutral in their ways, that he erred in giving them too great of an intellect. After some went rogue, he restricted their movements, keeping them from populating the other worlds of what was then known as Piranoths Steps.

In the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), the aboleth found themselves harassed, enslaved, and even exterminated on some of the worlds of what was becoming better known as the Abyss. Like the primordials, the demons did not trust them, even feared them for their great intellect. During this time, one group of aboleth experimented with entropic energy, creating an aberration they named Blibdoolpoolp. This primordial being, supposed to be their elite guardian, ended up being their master.

The aboleth came to Bal-Kriav in the Demon Spawn War. Brought in as slaves to Athroond and his aquatic demon underlings, after passing through the Arioch Cloud they went to work building strongholds in the dark depths of the Green Nebulous and Cthorgo. They plotted against their demon masters. Those that broke free, scattered across the Underdark, avoiding both demons and those serving the Covenant. The latter wanted nothing to do with the aboleth, seeing their great intelligence, evil and cunning too much like their former demon masters.

Racial Traits
Racial as aboleth
Lifespan semi-immortal