Cryphoeca, in the Outer Belt, is a small black planet of the Quara'tun System. It is the seventh planet from Merioss.

In the Demon Spawn War, the first Neogi came to this world as a stowaway. Mokerrian spread her broods across what would become better known as the world Cryphoeca.

In the Demon Spawn War, one Covenant faction sought to keep the neogi of this world out of the conflict. The archangel Avandra, in haste to stop the most powerful group of neogi from joining the Abyssal Hegemony, used a holy gas on the neogi hatcheries at Salticidae. This had the effect of sterilizing thousands of neogi eggs and everyone in the city. Then the largest and oldest neogi city, it nearly wiped out the race. Three decades later, after much research, neogi alchemists found a way to remove what the neogi named Avandras Bile.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, a ravenous race, the neogi farmed and devoured Cryphoeca's creatures and then turned on each other in the Great Neogi War. The lone survivor of this era-long war was Arachnidion. Today, the other void-faring races keep a vigilant watch on this world. They know these sinister enslaving spiders are bent on enslavement and procuring new food sources.

Cryphoeca has one moon called Chilobrachys.