Boletus Chain


The development of this drug came from the hardships imposed on the people of Boletus by the neighboring city-states Neben-Skerah and Zoethall. In 1698 HE, Boletus chemists came up with a way of feeding an inert drug into worms that would then pass on to the warm-blooded creature. They then got the people of Neben-Skerah and Zoethall hooked on Boletus's special worms; a foodstuff that on the surface goes by the name Lir'frod Meat.

The alchemist who invented this drug called it EQ13-Mycel. It was one of hundreds worked on before coming up with a drug that would make the surrounding people treat Boletus's people as equals and with fairness. Users of this drug gave it a more fitting name, Boletus Chain.

Inert State

This is the state of the drug when it is being carried by the Gall Worms of Adunamar.

Active State

This state is reached when a warm-blooded creatures consumes a portion of the worm. The drug permanents the meat, lasting even if boiled or charred.

Addiction Rating

Boletus Chain has a high addiction rating. After two successive failed Fortitude (DC17) checks, the imbiber is addicted, needing a fix or suffering withdrawal symptoms.

Consumption Effects

Addiction RatingHigh
Duration5 - 6 hours
Effects-2 Will, +3 Constitution
Withdrawal1-2 weeks, -2 Will, -4 Constitution
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