Built19 Temporal 1625 HE

Cenereth is a fog shrouded bastion on the southwestern edge of Ice Cap. Her eastern walls overlook the icy wastes of Rimac-Malc and looking west is just the opposite, the lush northern rain forest Cleoxhar. There are few days when this forest can even be seen from Cenereth's battlements. This is because the forest is in an area of heavy natural fog which only subsides in the winter months.

Cenereth was built late in the Horgon Era by the Draguron. It was initially built as outpost to hinder raids by frost giants and goliath coming down from the highlands north of Cleoxhar. It also served as a bulwark against icy foes coming out of the glacial valleys of Ice Cap.

The interior of Cenereth is a warm and cozy place, and if not for the hazards of the north would be a great posting for guards. From the highlands backing the fortress, dozens of hot streams and springs enter the keep, flowing into bathhouses, along passages, and into a large pool in the courtyard. All this warm moisture creates wet conditions where moss, fungi and other plant and critters thrive in abundance. It also makes most areas slick which is why all floors and doors in the place are grooved.

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