RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceYellow Dragon
Emperor of Ashmerthoon578 HE - 1565 HE
Alignmentchaotic evil
BornLith-Crillion Era
Died9 Temporal 1565 HE

Artang-Sund prolonged his existence by longevity magic. He was to learn like many others, that this has diminishing returns.

In the 10 HE, Artang-Sund captured the kobold town of Du'ul Hiim. His goal was to build a following, getting a chance of immortality by ascension.

Artang-Sund ruled the Ashmerthoon Empire for a thousand years. In his reign, holds like Du'ul Hiim became places of grandeur.

In 1560 HE, senile and with longevity magic no longer working, Artang-Sund knew the end was near. Members of the Tinvaakin Kurtulmak convinced him into divulging an ancient dragon ritual. They convincingly told him he would be remembered for not only being a great ruler, but also a great teacher. The magic they learned was the Dragon Wake Ritual.

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