Fjorstaki Rift

Gjalvar KjollFimbulwinter
Opened6 Hollower 613 HE

When Fjorstaki was being built, a sect of Thyrm fanatics sought to turn the area around them, and possibly the entire world, into an area of the likes of Fimbulwinter. Along the way, helping Thyrm get more followers, they hoped to get rich. This group of religious fanatics, the Anzar Sect, was led a frost giant shaman named Anzar. Loaned the Webreaver, a weapon specifically designed for carving holes in the Web, she created the Fjorstaki Rift.

On Bal-Kriav, the opening of the Fjorstaki Rift is at the heart of the Fjorstaki ruin. It is still open, still pumping a river of entropic ice southwards into the Giant Steps. This ice flow, the Anzar Glacier, is linked to one much bigger on the faraway world of Fimbulwinter. On this Elemental Ring World, the rift's opening is in the icy crags of a continent-sized mass called Gjalvar Kjoll.