Fjorstaki Rift

Gjalvar KjollFimbulwinter
Opened6 Hollower 613 HE

When Fjorstaki was being built, a sect of Thyrm fanatics sought to turn the area around them, and possibly the entire world, into an area of the likes of Fimbulwinter. They thought that Thyrm would be pleased with this icy land and take the Glangveif empire on to greater glory beyond just enriching the coffers of their far away rulers. This group of religious fanatics were known as the Anzar Sect. Their leader was a frost giant shaman Anzar. To perform her task, it is said that Thyrm loaned her the blade Webreaver. This weapon was used to cut a rift in the Web of Magic, creating a bridge between the worlds Fimbulwinter and Bal-Kriav.

On Bal-Kriav, the Fjorstaki Rift is in the central tower of the Fjorstaki ruin. It is still open, still pumping a river of entropic ice southwards into the Giant Steps. This river of ice is the Anzar glacier, a slither of the the ice world Fimbulwinter. On this Elemental Ring World, the opening of the rift is inside a continent-sized mass of slow-moving ice called the Gjalvar Kjoll.