Igtats Thoughts

Period1534 HE - 1539 HE

Igtats Thoughts was a psychic virus that ravaged the moon Ráglauth. In the Incarsabec Rebellion (1531 HE - 1544 HE), a joint team of of githzerai and githyanki saboteurs destroyed a containment, a Silver Mirror, around a near-lifeless elder brain. This was Igtat, an elder brain of a rival illithid city-state that had been captured by Penumbra; in the lead-up to it becoming the Suellk Empire. Released from his prison, the only thing keeping him alive, Igtat took vengeance on all the sentient minds within the surrounding complex. In his death, his psychic energy wandered like a ghost, infecting dozens, that in turn spread a virus that ate away at one's psychic energy, eventually putting them in a vegetable-like state. Reduced to a a virus, the psyche of Igtat was extinguished. Later to be named Igtats Thoughts, this psychic virus would go on to kill tens of thousands, the first Psychic Storm.