Zeymah'kein Valefor War

Period1340 HE - 1362 HE
TheaterHells Womb
Dasath VS Zeymah'kein

In 1340 HE, the hobgoblins came into contact with the Zeymah'kein. Relations soon broke down when the hobgoblins learned that their neighbors were bent on mining the dead volcano GarĂ¢tha. Zeymah'kein's envoy claimed that gold was freely exposed on the slopes and that they were laying claim to it. This and other poor diplomacy led to conflict. For two years, the hobgoblins of Valefor, the Dasath, battled the invaders across very rugged trails and up boulder tumbled slopes. In 1343 HE, Zeymah'kein's military, the Imrithil, succeeded in securing the road up GarĂ¢tha and into the crater holding Valefor.

In the crater of Valefor stood the ominous spires of Valefor. This ancient bastion though well-built was unprepared to meet the onslaught of Zeymah'kein's military. Valefor's garrison was 15,000 hobgoblins facing an army of 50,000 Kriistvrii backed by dragons, war elephants, wyverns, and a host of other massive beasts.

We could see the smoke rising from the spires of Valefor. The crafty hobgoblins were masking the keep from attack by the Silon Viing. Even without the dragons, this place would have fell by the 15,000 veteran soldiers of Imrithil, but the demons came. They poured out of the gates of the hobgoblin fortress and tore into our ranks. Elephant-like monstrosities from the foulest reaches of the Abyss then came out and stampeded both friend and foe. Their numbers and strength was such that all we could do was beat a hasty retreat. The dragons helped cover our four day retreat. Only three silver dragons of the dozen, one of our most powerful units, survived the demon advance.

No longer were we on the offensive, all we could do to survive was dig in and build fortifications to stop their relentless pursuit. We fled back across the Dargirth and into Hlothram. In this area we started building a defensive network to fight the horde tactics of these creatures from the Abyss.

- Ancilcil, War Historian of Imrithil, "The Zeymah'kein Valefor War"