RegionAerie of Dragons
Class24th fighter / 10th Vassal of Bahamut
Dragon Lord - Zeymah'kein1459 HE - 1522 HE
Alignmentlawful neutral
BirthplacePruziig Zeikangaar
Born5 War March 1439 HE
Died19 Brightstar 1522 HE

Raised in Pruziig Zeikangaar, Dinok'suf was trained in hand-to-hand combat from a very young age. She was a devout follower of Bahamut, raised by crusaders bent on bringing down the temples of Tiamat. She came to notoriety in the long-range expeditions against the Galirkrad. These were crusades pitting the soldiers of Bahamut versus those of Tiamat. At the age of 13, she made her first kill in the name of Bahamut, killing a high priest at the very gates of the enemy capital. It was a bold move, something she would become known for.

In 1459 HE, three years into the Second Burn (1456 HE - 1474 HE), Dinok'suf became a Dragon Lord, leader of the Zeymah'kein Empire.

In the Third Burn (1504 HE - 1522 HE), Dinok'suf perished at the Battle of Vith Ruus. It was the end of her mortal body, but not her mind. With the help of Bahamut, she made a noble sacrifice, willingly letting her psyche merge with her armor, the Armor of the Dragon Lords; making this ancient armor a sentient item.