Hlotho Zîn

Hlotho Zîn Samurai
RegionHells Womb
Symbolwar fan dripping blood
Established13 Lunar 954 HE

Around 950 HE, a Drachlaz Lord named Kezgihr arrived on Hezmort's southern coasts, laying the groundwork for the first blood cult outside of Karterus.

Named Hlotho Zîn, over the next six centuries it expanded rapidly along Talorion's southern coasts. A land both lush and rich in "humanoid fodder", the plan was to go slow and steady. When one group got too big, another blood cult was created in a different hunting zone. By 1500 HE, the vampire's fodder has been so reduced that only the living minions of the vampires were around to feed upon. When these were gone, killed by blood-starved vampires driven feral, the vampires prepared for a mass migration north.

Across the the bleak sands we traveled. It was the surest thing for getting our numbers back in order. Every day I pass an old friend, former reveler of some of the grandest blood orgies outside Drachlaz.

- Kezgihr, from an autobiography - "Crossing the Barba'gom"

Most of the vampires of what became known as The Hunger, perished in the crossing of the Barba'gom. Those that survived, reaching the verdant northern lands, were quick to join the Feeding of Kezgihr (1552 HE - 1798 HE); the deadliest blood orgy to-date.

In the First Epoch, Hlotho Zîn moved their operations to the shores of Kalaran, infiltrating Zujukiz and other Shou city-states. In the Second Epoch, they opened a sister branch in Undercity. This branch came to be the headquarters after Shounejo's religion leaders issued a bull for their eradication. One thing they picked up while among the Shou was a set of values which placed honor to the cult above all else (akin to Bushido). The organization's military wing began train martial types in the ways of the samurai, others as monks and shugenja.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the vampires of Hlotho Zîn worked with the Black Tide. Their intelligence gathering was heavily relied upon; in return they had a steady supply of "cattle" to feed upon.

Upon a bountiful harvest, take pleasure in it, engorge yourself, they don't last.

- Kezgihr, from his book Kurthac Taloraz - "First Rule of Kezgihr"

In the Battle of Breached Pass, 13 Hlotho Zîn samurai served under Katrana as her Princes of Blood.

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