Hlotho Zîn

Hlotho Zîn Samurai
RegionHells Womb
Symbolwar fan dripping blood
Established13 Lunar 1560 HE

Hlotho Zîn is the second oldest cell of the Blood Cults of Kezgihr. It was formed in the Feeding of Kezgihr. Like other Blood Cults, the vampire cultists seek to immerse themselves in societies and feed upon the population. They gain positions of power to ease the problems of their kind dwelling among those they feed upon.

In the First Epoch, they moved their operations to Kalaran and infiltrating Zujukiz and other Shou city-states. In the Second Epoch, they opened a sister branch in Undercity. This branch came to be the headquarters after Shounejo's religion leaders issued a bull for their eradication. One thing they picked up while among the Shou was a set of values which placed honor to the cult above all else (akin to Bushido). The group also became more militarized with a select group of martial vampires becoming samurai, while others learned the ways of monks, shugenja, and other Geejudan classes.

In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), the Hlotho Zîn got into the ranks of the Black Tide. Their intelligence gathering was so superb to that used by the First Dead Council, that they came to be relied upon for military intelligence. In return, they had a steady supply of "cattle" to feed upon. Because of the military might of the Black Tide and draconian measures applied to occupied territories, the vampire cultists could partake in the First Rule of Survival:

Upon a bountiful harvest, take pleasure in it and engorge yourself, because they don't last.

- Kezgihr, from his book Kurthac Taloraz - "First Rule of Survival"

In the Battle of Breached Pass, 13 Hlotho Zîn samurai served under Katrana. Designated the Prince of Blood, they proved so effective that the Dead Council feared they were more a threat than an asset, so after the battle they were paid and sent away.

Hlotho Zîn has made only modest attempts in usurping power in Paradomea. This is because the Council of Nine's has come down hard on them whenever they get out of line and began to have an influence on commerce.

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