Ghol Markúl

LocationBuccaneer Archipelago

Ghol Markúl is a cluster of islands that were once as one. In the Sundering of Ghol Markúl, the god Poseidon shattered the island creating several large islands and many smaller ones. At the time, Ghol Markúl had dozens of supply supply bases, a town and other provisioning points serving the soldiers and ships of the Abâthigûr Empire. All of these were lost in the Sundering, hastening the end of the Naudvar War.

Ever since the fall of Abâthigûr, the islands of Ghol Markúl have been home to bands of pirates. They have considerable fortifications in the area, making sailing into the island ring a serious danger for even large empires. These bastions keep a semi-vigilant guard against potential invasions or punitive attacks from the larger empires beneath and along the Sea of Mourning and the Pearl Sea. The League of Gyalech is the strongest force in this area. They lay claim to the center island Rest and its much sought after Hullback.

Notable Areas