Gaugneir Monument
Built14 Witchrite 881 HE

Built in the Horgon Era by the Glangveif, Tholamid rises above the petrified bones of a colossal aberration. In the Creation War, this creature ravaged parts of Brucrumus. The primordial monstrosity was named Onaidred. It was a serpent-like creature with numerous quills and bony ridges along its entire length.

Be wary of Onaidred's quills. They freeze anything touched, even stone becomes brittle, shattering with a good blow. Sacrifices today will be for the good of Sphere 411 and those noble souls that come to dwell here when we move on.

- Set, speech to angels preparing to engage Onaidred - "Onaidred Speech"

Onaidred was a loner, not under any Primordial Lord, yet still bent on destroying everything around him. The Nawirrûs Covenant tasked Set and his team with dispatching the foe. At the time, Set was but an astral deva serving under Bal-Kriav. His plan involved having those under him draw the beast into a mountain pass. They enticed the beast into an area where it proved difficult for it fight those attacking it from higher ground. When Onaidred died, its flesh and organs rotted away, leaving a superstructure of bone white ice that is as hard as adamantine and still very cold to the touch. Onaidreds Quill, an artifact created by Set, and responsible for creating Nym-Zoedine, was made from the one of the slain monster's quills. In the Horgon Era, the frost giant bastion Tholamid was built in and around Onaidred's remains. Since that time Onaidreds Remains has been used to forge ice and frost magic items.

Tholamid's northern wall, facing into the slopes of Olmi Hjark is a monument dedicated to the angels that died fighting Onaidred. It is an impregnable structure blessed by divine magic. It is patrolled by frost giants and their underlings, but is not built upon for whatever is added to it suffers the same effects as if being touched by one of Onaidred's quills.

When Glangveif fell in the Year 31, some of its people that escaped the wrath of the fire giants made their way south from Haugald and took up residence here. The frost giants that live here now are far less civilized than their Titan Empire ancestors. In addition to giants, the place is home to ice trolls, Thrallrir, and other cold-loving types.

When Nym-Zoedine came into being, it engulfed half of the fortress. This part is still habitable, though now it is under a hundred feet of ice.

Notable Areas
  • Gaugneir Monument
  • Onaidreds Remains
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