Founded15 Bliss 228 HE

Yatthânûr was built as a retreat for a guild of Volgad wizards. They found this place by accident when a mass teleport spell went awry. The wizards were sent to a wild land that they named Magrâbik. In this area of beautiful crystal studded mountains and towering waterfalls, they built a castle in the cliffs and called it Yatthânûr.

When the Volgads were being pressed by the Cûngin-Zar, the wizards began to move people to Yatthânûr. They used powerful teleportation magic to take anyone voluntarily that sought a safer life in lands far to the north.

Yatthânûr is built into the cliffs of Atân-Nîlû. Yatthânûr, like others of Tamlêrran, is a magical place with automations and constructs serving as guards and labor workers. The construct guards serve along with soldiers that often are as good in magic as they are with the sword. The city has dozens of aeries for special units like emerald dragons and riders trained for aerial combat.

Many people come to the city by way of the Zimân road, while others use more expensive transport like skyships.

Notable Areas