Typehuman sub-race
Creation16 Saunas 1482 DE

In 1482 DE, the Nithian race was created in the image of their creator, a Tier 2 Creationist named Benevolence. When he gave them life, he also put them under a spell. This was done to protect them from the primordials which sought to tear apart all the things that the gods were creating. He put his creations, several hundred in number, under a powerful temporal stasis that was to last until late into the Lith-Crillion Era. Stashed in secret mountain vaults, warded with great magic, they remained hidden, lost for a little over 10,000 years.

In 2510 LE, across the northern rim of Steirgar, the Nithians came out of their deep sleep. They left their Vaults of Ayaraigas, moving down into the verdant lowlands of Borngring. The Nithians, clueless too just about everything around them, even how to survive in a dangerous land of magic and beasts, did not go it alone. They were shepherded by Lith-Crillion working out of a research center hidden inside of the blue-white glaciers of Ice Cap. For nearly four centuries, they were protected and taught everything they needed to survive and prosper.

The Nithians would be even greater than today, if only our Creator had not died of grief, for ten millennia, us forgotten in the Vaults of Ayaraigas. Even though knowing we were subjects in their own experiments, we give thanks to the Lith-Crillion.

- Seer Tûn, of the Loremasters of Ermikel - "Nithian Awakening"

In 2711 LE, the Nithians built their most storied settlement, a place called Imrik. From Imrik came the Volgad Kingdom then a great war with the fire giants of southern Borngring. The fire giants drove the Volgads from their lands and then north into Cinyossion. In this vast forest, they rebuilt their empire. The giant threat again loomed from the north with the rise of Cûngin-Zar. Rather than being caught between the stone titans of the north and fire giants of Hofthorm, the Nithians decided to migrate far to the north. The wizards of Volgad evacuated the people to Magrâbik. In this land they were free of giants for a time. They established a new empire led by wizard-governors. This empire is Tamlêrran.

Today, Nithians are predominately found across Magrâbik. Generations of proximity to a pair of artifacts called the Pumice Throne and the Glacial Throne has imbued Nithians with a minor resistance to fire and ice. Outside of Magrâbik, the largest population of Nithians can be found at Phaerssysn. The Nithians in this Underdark city came to live among the drow during a long period of friendly relations between Imrik and Phaerssysn.

Nithians have pale skin. As they age, their skin gets more translucent. The purple blood flowing through their veins becomes noticeable, a gross site to outsiders, yet viewed with attraction by other Nithians. They have lithe builds with males averaging 5'8" and females 5'5". The males weigh from 140lbs to 180lbs. The females weigh 40-60lbs less. Nithians have black, white, or yellow hair; mixes of black and yellow hair are uncommon. Nithians have a lifespan of 150 years.

Racial Traits
Essence of Anubeth Resist 5 Cold
Essence of Igas Resist 5 Fire
Benevolences Touch +1 Intelligence
Kesserine's Corruption -1 Charisma
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