Built15 Brightstar 1024 HE

When the Hydrocur came to northern Izagunbar, they had little knowledge of land construction. They had books on such things, but no applied knowledge to speak of. This lack of skill came from the fact that they had always served the Durkoth as enforcers with building the province of their master's lesser minions. Their masters disappeared in the Durkoth Descent (995 HE - 1355 HE), and the lesser minions rebelled on Necrocrypt. The Hydrocur turned to local help in the building of Tua'kee. They brought Steirek laborers, mostly stone and storm giants, resulting in huge airy buildings.

Tua'kee was built as a port for moving prisoners between the surface and the underwater city Bue'kaa. Once the surface areas were finished, Steirek's laborers, fed all the fish and crustaceans they could eat, and paid in pearls and other gemstones, worked to connect Tua'kee with the Bue'kaa. They carved chambers and passages beneath the city, some water-filled, others airy. Tubes, pipes, and passages went far underground, with the last leg of them under the sea floor all the way to Bue'kaa. It was a monumental effort, helped along the way with magic spells like disintegrate and rock to mud.

For three centuries, prisoners destined for Bue'kaa, disappeared into Tua'kee's passages, most never to be seen again. When the Elderaunts broke free of the Hydrocur, they left these places of their race's beginnings. Today, this place is a ruin. Most of the access points to the underground passages are sealed off or flooded. From time to time, pirates, sahuagin and other foes move in to this ruin. When they become a threat to the heavy shipping passing to and from Ginnoth, Ivory Asylum maritime forces are sent in to cleanse the place.

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