Battle of Vith Ruus

Hiznaar Goz
Period1522 HE
TheaterAerie of Dragons
Zeymah'kein VS Mir'piamauza
MapHiznaar Goz

The Battle of Vith Ruus was the last great battle of the Third Burn (1504 HE - 1522 HE). It was a bloody and horrendous affairs seeing twenty thousand casualties spread across and in the canyon Vith Ruus.

In the last act of this epic battle, Zeymah'kein's leader, the Dragon Lord Dinok'suf was killed. Her body was never found, her armor of legendary make, the Armor of the Dragon Lords, lost.

They threw everything they had at her. I dare say not even a god could have withstood the rain of missiles and magic that fell upon friend and foe. Great soldiers fell on both sides, sacrificed to lure out Zeymah'kein's great leader, heart of the empire, a Vassal of Bahamut. Mir'piamauza, fattened with gold and citizens tenfold our own, had long lost their honor, sacrificing some of their best to take out only one.

- Kantun'kok, war correspondent - "The Last Act"