RegionAerie of Dragons
Ownerindependent city-state
DeitiesHades, Melora
Founded29 Bloom 526 HE
MapEnkii Jusk

In 1078, a fleet of merchant ships left Vorangrith for the elven city of Nápoldë. Hugging the coasts, passing across the Edhelviel, they ran into a tropical storm. Ten vessels got lost, drawn into the dreaded heart of Azrinn'nûr's rings. Never seen again, they were thought consumed by the terrible god said to make this area its lair.

A decade later, one of the lost ships returned home to Vorangrith. The crew told them of a faraway land, a jungle, deserts, great peaks and swamps, a place of dragons and ancient ruins. They also told the story of what happened, how most of the ships that were supposedly consumed, instead were taken safely down a great whirlpool called Níngoth. From there, they began the voyage along an ancient military highway called the Sea Tunnel. They were to learn from the people of Tulukhan that the Sea Tunnel, a product of Covenant magical engineering, is an extra-dimensional place, where the entry point is a whirlpool and the exit is by those that go in the reverse, drawing the sea and ships upwards. Near a land long home to dragons, they were drawn up the Lokzii Ven, the Angels Ways. We sailed the coast looking for help and place to take on provisions and make repairs. It was a beautiful and sometimes terrifying landscape. We re-settled an ancient ruin called Tyk-Culten and in time pieced enough information together to make the voyage home. Only one ship of people wanted to return, the rest were enchanted with their new home, the people, the weather, and riches hidden in a stunning landscape dotted with the remnants of ancient civilizations.

Like the Mir'piamauza that settled here in the Horgon Era, Vorangrith's lost halflings took to fishing the rich shoals above Gelomiiz Stov and harvesting the good of an area rich in fruits and spices. They became friends, allies, and trading partners with the Tulukhan, battling raiders supported by Thashangriel and yuan-ti slavers out of Thongath.

Tyk-Culten is a peaceful city-state, welcoming ships and trade to their lands. They sometimes send gifts and gold to Thashangriel; encouraging their unruly neighbors to keep their populace under control.

Tyk-Culten and Tulukhan have joint special police force trained in revealing the rakshasa; predatory creatures that have long menaced the area.

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