RegionAerie of Dragons
Ownerindependent city-state
DeityHades, Melora
Founded29 Bloom 1078
MapEnkii Jusk

In 1078, a fleet of merchant ships left Vorangrith for Nápoldë. While crossing the southeastern waters of Edhelviel, they encountered a tropical storm sending ten vessels into Azrinn'nûr where they were presumed lost. Of the 17 ships that left the halfling city-state, only 4 made it to Spirachiln's capital. Many years later, it was learned that the lost ships and their crew were drawn into Níngoth and taken along the Sea Tunnel. When they came out, their storm damaged ships required repair and the crew provisions. They made for the nearest coast and established a camp. This camp ended up being a permanent settlement after the halflings found no way back through the Sea Tunnel and lacked the charts of this part of Brucrumus. Their camp became the settlement Tyk-Culten. Considering their bad fate, when someone proposed naming it after the captain who mysteriously fell overboard during their journey, it was laughed about and not taken too seriously, yet it stuck. The success of the settlement came from a rich supply of fish, especially in the shoals near Gelomiiz Stov, fruit growing in abundance inland, and hills and peaks untouched from mining. The halfling came to be friends and allies with the Tulukhan. Their talaxan friends of this city serve as buffer against the dragon-bloods of Thashangriel and help keep the yuan-ti of Thongath in check.

Tyk-Culten is sited on the southern tip of Enkii Jusk. The city has a special police force trained to uncover disguised rakshasa. The rakshasa are a constant menace to the population.

Tyk-Culten is a peaceful city-state, welcoming ships and trade to their lands. They are allied with the Tulukhan. Even with this alliance, they periodically send gifts and gold to keep Thashangriel placated.

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