Rîni Ring

OwnerIvory Asylum (Abusai)
Founded6 Hollow 1971 DE

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), this place was a naval base for forcing serving the Nawirrûs Covenant. Named Rîni, the Supernal word for "Ring", it was one of a series of Covenant defenses protecting military sector Athoreon. Rîni was a threat to Poseidon's forces operating in the Salzârrâk Sea, so he put enormous resources into building a dam that would block two bays.

What shall we do about Poseidons Dam?

We will let him continue to pour resources into it, perhaps he will finish by war's end.

- Bal-Kriav, to Ares - "Poseidons Dam"

Poseidon and his army of sea titans finished the dam a hundred years before war's end. Even with all of Straiden under the Covenant, he stubbornly continued the work. The dam ended up causing both the bays to lose half their water, marooning boats and making Rîni untenable. No longer of much military value, Poseidon and his token army went on to sack the place, leaving it a ruin.

In 1686 HE, elderaunts of the Abusai tribe began rebuilding this coastal ruin.

The largest ship yards of Midrêth are in this city. Not only do they make naval ships here, but a fair number of void craft are also produced in its towering docking facilities.

The city's largest racial groups are Elderaunts and Giff.

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