Gwaelergoth Circle

soldiers of the Gwaelergoth Circle
Alignmentneutral, lawful neutral
DeitiesMelora, Primus
Symbolbriar constricting a bug
Established14 Bloom 1513 HE

In the sixteenth century of the Horgon Era, Hive Swarms wrecked havoc on a region that came to be named after them. The bug swarms put the peoples of Klak-tak, a cradle of civilization, on the run. The Khazarkar, home to the holds of eastern Klak-tak, fled north into the Gwaelergoth Jungle. The rear-guard, scouts, druids, rangers, and others that protected the refugees, and kept the swarm from pushing through the jungle, came to be known as the Gwaelergoth Circle.

In the beginning, the Gwaelergoth Circle was nearly 100% Terrant; the Khazarkar warrior caste, expendable in the eyes of the other two Khazarkar castes. In the First Epoch, its composition came to include the other major peoples of southern Gulimbor, the Tragaran, and the Minotaur. Usually in some stage of hostility to each other north of the jungle, in the Gwaelergoth Circle they joined a brotherhood protecting everyone from bug rampages that always had the potential of being civilization ending events.

In the Gulimbor Cataclysm (996 - 1203), neutral to the affairs of the warring states, the Gwaelergoth Circle gave safe passage through the jungle to the coasts. They allowed none to take residence in the jungle or within five days ride.

Studying with the Gwaelergoth Circle gives access to a feat that enhances druidic spells that deal specifically with vermin. This causes spells like Repel Vermin, Insect Plague, Creeping Doom, Summon Nature's Ally (if an insect), and others to be more difficult to resist, the caster is able to better concentrate and more alert to their surroundings.

Feats of the Gwaelergoth Circle
Vermin Wardenspells like Repel Vermin, Insect Plague, Creeping Doom, Summon Nature's Ally (if an insect), and others related specifically to insects have a +3 DC and while being cast the caster is considered to be under the Combat Casting feat. For an hour after the spell is cast, the caster is also considered to be under the Alertness feat.
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